Quantcast Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves - mo4050238

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6.2 Sample Maintenance Checklist
A maintenance checklist is shown next. It can be copied and used directly, or it can
be retyped with modifications for particular systems.
If a particular maintenance operation is performed, place a check in the column
before each operation. If that operation cannot be done, or is not necessary for a
particular system, make an appropriate notation in the column.
We suggest using "N.A." for operations not applicable to a system, and an asterisk,
*, if it cannot be done.  Put another asterisk in the "Notes" section with an
explanation. Use the "Necessary Repairs" section near the end to describe required
major repairs.
After the checklist is filled out, use it to pinpoint necessary maintenance or repairs.
Then file it with all the other system inspection sheets, or with the operation and
maintenance manual for that system.


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