Quantcast Solar System Maintenance Checklist

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Solar System Maintenance Checklist
Glazings unbroken, clean (Do not clean when hot!)
Frames, seals and gaskets tight or resealed
Mounting hardware secure, corrosion cleaned and painted
Lightning protection, if used, is secure
Frame grounded to absorber piping
Flow rate balanced throughout array
Sensor and wires secure
Exterior Piping
Insulation complete, weatherproof, secure
Hangers supporting piping properly without stress
Leak check, none found, PRV's check out
Interior Piping
Insulation complete, secure
Leak check, none found, PRV's and T&P's check out
Valves in correct positions, open and close properly
Hangers supporting piping properly without stress
Electrical connections secure
Leak check, none found
Flow rate in appropriate range
Adequate lubrication supplied (dry rotor pumps only)
Current draw is appropriate
For information on correct flow rate, temperature and
pressure ranges, check the system's O & M manual, or
this manual's Appendices for more information.


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