Quantcast Solar System Maintenance Checklist -Cont. - mo4050240

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Heat Exchanger
Leak check, none found
Piping connections secure
Anode in water manifold checked, replaced if necessary
Temperature differences appropriate
Water level in drainback tank, if used, correct
Closed-Loop Fluid, if used
Adequate pressure
Glycol pH, alkalinity and concentration acceptable
Automatic water make-up, if present, is shut off and tagged
Electrical connections secure
Control and conduit securely mounted
On/off differentials checked
High limit function checked
Sensor resistance checked
Sensor wires checked
Sensor wires routed correctly
Storage Tanks
Drain valve opens and closes properly
10% of water drained out of tank (DHW or process heating)
Leak check, none found
T & P installed, working
Sensor and wiring secure
Heating element thermostat, if used, checked
For information on correct flow rate, temperature and
pressure ranges, check the system's O & M manual, or
this manual's Appendices for more information.


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