Quantcast Emergency Procedure Development -Cont.

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identified within the following hazardous conditions:
(1) Fire
(a) Within the system
(b) Vicinity of system
(2) Fault within pressure boundary
(a)  Uncontrolled  pressurization
(b) Uncontrolled pressure loss
(3) Contamination of breathing media
format  of  emergency
procedures  is  at
Unlike OPs,  EPs  require  no  signatures/initials
during  implementation  since  such  action  would  detract  from
response to the situation.
In lieu of this, it is mandatory
that  all  operating  personnel  be  well  trained  in  emergency
EP Training is the direct responsibility
procedure execution.
of the Hyperbaric Facility Manager for Chamber Operations and
the assigned senior diver (by diving qualification) for diving
operations.  A sample EP is provided as attachment (2) to this


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