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A list of sequential events in the
certification process, with estimated completion date.
A defect that does not materially reduce the
usability of the unit or product for its intended purpose or
that  is  a  departure  from  established  standards  that  has  no
significant bearing on the effective use or operation of the
NAVFAC. Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Department of the
New Mechanical Joint.  A joint in which either the flange or the
union is replaced.  A new mechanical joint requires 150 percent
hydrostatic test of normal operating pressure.
Normal Operating Pressure.  The approximate pressure at which an
essentially constant pressure system operates when performing
its normal function.  This pressure is used for the system basic
pressure identification.
Nominal Pipe Size, (NPS).  Nominal Pipe Size means the same as
Iron  Pipe  Size  (IPS),  where  piping  materials  are  involved.
Where tubing is involved, NPS is the actual measured outside
dimension and its related actual wall thickness as required by
the applicable tubing specification.
All methods of
Non-destructive  Testing/Examination  (NDT/NDE).
testing/examination used to detect or measure the significant
properties  or  performance  capabilities  of  material,  parts
assemblies,  equipment,  or structures which do not impair the
serviceability of the parts tested.
Nonhomogeneous Lot.  A group of items of the same size, color,
and configuration that have either the same material markings
(other than heat, batch,  or traceability number) or the same
ordering  number  (i.e., stock  number,  part  number,  catalog
number), but were not received from the same source, in the
same shipment or under the same contract number.
Objective Quality Evidence.  Any statement of fact pertaining to
the quality of a product or service based on tests that can be
fully verified.  Evidence must be expressed in terms of specific
quality requirements or characteristics. These characteristics
are identified in drawings, specifications, and other documents
that describe the item, process, or procedure.
(a) Tests can be based on heat, batch, continuous cast or pour,
or other manufacturing processes, provided the manufacturer can
prove that the test sample was representative of the material


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