Quantcast Maintenance and Repair of Wood Window Sash

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Historic Windows Inappropriately Replaced.
Figure 4-18.
Historic windows have been inappropriately replaced with
modern examples at the second floor, with an adverse effect
on the historic character of the building.
(Photo by James C. Massey)
4.10.2 Maintenance and Repair of Wood Window Sash.
Check for wood decay.
Dry the wood and treat with
fungicide as needed.
Replace or repair decayed wood using epoxies or by
splicing with new wood.
Prime dried-out wood with linseed oil before repainting.
If windows will be repainted in the historic colors, do
color analysis to determine the original colors before
beginning to remove paint.
Remove excessive or deteriorated paint as needed to make
the windows work easily and provide a sound surface for
Strip the paint using any appropriate method.


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