Quantcast Ep oxies (Ep oxy Concretes. Polymer Concretes) Attributes

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4.17.6 Ep oxies (Ep oxy Concretes. Polymer Concretes)
o Material.  A resinous, two-part, thermosetting material
used as a consolidant, an adhesive, a patching compound,
and a molding resin.  Can repair damaged material or
recreate lost features.  Resins, which are poured into
molds, usually contain fillers such as sand or glass
spheres, to lighten the mix and modify their
expansion/contraction properties.  When mixed with
aggregates, such as sand or stone chips, they may be
mistakenly called epoxy concrete or polymer concrete, but
they contain no cementitious materials.  Epoxies are vapor
impermeable, which makes detailing of the new elements
extremely important so as to avoid trapping moisture
behind the replacement material.  They can be used with
wood , stone, terra cotta, and various metals.
o Uses.  Epoxies are some of the most versatile of the new
materials.  They can be used to bind together broken
fragments of terra cotta to build up or fill in missing
sections of ornamental metal or to cast elements of wooden
ornaments.  Small cast elements can be attached to
existing materials, or entire new features can be cast.
The resins are poured into molds.  Due to the rapid
setting of the material and the need to avoid cracking,
the molded units are generally small or hollow inside.
Multiple molds can be combined for larger elements.  With
special rods, the epoxies can be structurally reinforced.
Examples of epoxy replacement pieces include finials,
sculptural details, small column capitals, and medallions.
o Advantages.
Can be used for repair/replacement;
Easily installed;
Good casting ability;
Molds made directly from building features;
Material can be sanded and carved;
Color and ultra-violet screening can be added;
Takes paint well;
Rot and fungus resistant.


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