Quantcast Chapter 3. Sewage Transfer Equipment

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Section 1.
3.1.1 CHT HOSE PROCUREMENT PROGRAM.  The Naval Facilities Engineering Command
(NAVFACENGCOM) has been assigned the responsibility for central procurement of
hoses used in transferring ship-generated sewage to shore collection systems
during the initial outfitting phase.  Upon completion of this phase, replace-
ment hoses will be procured using normal supply system procedures.  A proposed
hose distribution plan was developed based on ship home porting guidelines,
CHT installation schedules, and pier sewer construction programs.
The Civil Engineering Support Office, Naval Construction Battalion Cen-
ter, Port Hueneme, California 93043 has been designated as the hose procure-
ment agent for NAVFAC.  The contact point for information concerning quantity
of hoses and delivery schedule is CESO Code 15323, Autovon 360-3368.
3.1.2 HOSE TYPES.  Sewage hose procured in 1976 and 1977 was lightweight and
collapsible, and consisted of a synthetic rubber inner tube with multiple
fabric wrapping and a neoprene cover.  Unfortunately, the flexibility of the
collapsible hose caused it to kink at sharp bends and turns when it was not
deployed properly, hampering the flow of waste liquid from ship to shore. As
sewage flowed by gravity through the kinked hose, severe pulsations occurred.
In an effort to alleviate the kinking problem, a new specification was devel-
oped for a rubber-based, smooth bore sewage transfer hose that would be non-
collapsible and lightweight.  This hose was developed for use in procurements
during FY 78 and FY 79.  It was decided that all future procurements will be
of this type.
3.1.3 APPLICATIONS.  The noncollapsible sewage hoses should be used in con-
junction with the collapsible hoses.  Collapsible hoses should be used for
straight runs where they can be supported.  Noncollapsible hoses should be
used in unsupported areas and on tortuous paths.


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