Quantcast Section 2. Equipment Specifications

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3.2.1 GENERAL.  Surface ships, submarines, and service craft/boats are being
fitted with cam-lock discharge connections in 4-inch, 2 l/2-inch, and
1 1/2-inch sizes, respectively, for discharging sewage. Navy shoreside recep-
tion facilities use 2 l/2-inch and 4-inch cam-lock connections for oily wastes
and sewage, respectively.  Two types of hoses, collapsible and noncollapsible,
were procured for each of the three sizes of discharge connections.  They are
furnished in standard 50-foot lengths, with male and female couplings attached.
One dust plug and one cap are provided with each hose length.
Because the hoses and connections differ in size and configuration from
those required by IMCO, U.S. Navy vessels and shore facilities must be equipped
with English-to-metric adapters to provide maximum flexibility for ships/craft
that tie up at Navy, commercial, and foreign ports.  Specific requirements for
the various discharge connections, fittings, adapters, and hoses are described
in more detail below.  For quick reference, sewage equipment is summarized in
Table 3-1.  Table 3-2 is a MIL SPEC reference table providing military standard
numbers for the various hoses, fittings, and adapters.
3.2.2 SURFACE SHIP CONNECTIONS.  U.S. Navy surface ships which have sewage
CHT systems installed will be provided with 4-inch cam-lock, quick connect/
disconnect discharge connections.  Figure 3-1 depicts a typical surface ship
sewage discharge connection (refer to NAVSEA Drawing No. 810-4444650).  Even-
tually, this sewage discharge connection will be modified by adding a low-
pressure air fitting between the shutoff valve and the cam-lock fitting; this
will allow thorough emptying of the sewage hose into the pier sewerage system
prior to disconnection. A preliminary illustration of this modified connection
is provided in Figure 3-2.  The low-pressure air fitting is a standard fitting
with a stop-check valve and a quick connect/disconnect which attaches to a
standard air hose.
a.  Hoses for Surface Ships. The shoreside receiving riser is illustrated
in Figure 3-3.  Usually, discharge to shoreside reception facilities will be
accomplished with the use of 4-inch hoses.  Collapsible and noncollapsible
4-inch sewage hoses with male and female cam-lock couplings will be used. The
collapsible hose was procured in accordance with MIL-H-20176A, B, and C. The
noncollapsible hose was procured in accordance with MIL-H-20176D. A typical
surface ship sewage discharge hose assembly is illustrated in Figure 3-4.
b.  Additional Transfer Equipment.  Certain sewage discharge operations
may require additional transfer equipment, depending on the physical location
of the ship and its associated sewage reception facility.  Recommended fittings
for these varied situations are discussed below.  All of these items are port-
able, and it is recommended that they be stored at shore facilities or on
applicable tenders.


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