Quantcast Figure 7-5. Submarines Nested Against Tender--Hose Configuration

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Submarines Nested Against Tender--Hose Configuration
Usually, a two-man hose handling crew will be sufficient aboard a sub-
marine. The following steps are followed upon tie-up of an outboard sub-
marine in a nest of submarines:
a.  The newly arrived submarine's hose handling crew comes to the side
of the boat against the pier and heaves a line to the shore crew waiting on
the pier.
b.  The shore crew attaches the heaving line to the female end of the
first 50-foot length of submarine sewage hose upon the pier.
c. The boat's crew begins hauling the initial 50-foot length aboard.
d.  As the hose is hauled from the pier onto the deck of the first sub-
marine, the shore crew connects additional 50-foot lengths to the initial
length until there is enough hose to reach from the pier riser to the sewage
riser on the outboard submarine in a continuous line.


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