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(5) Tag out and lock all opened switches when capability exists to do so.
(6) Only qualified personnel will do all hot work, using the proper tools and
techniques for this type of work.
(7) Work on energized lines will only be done in extreme emergencies.
j. Stand-Alone Systems. The following complete and self-supporting systems are listed
for consideration of usage in the event utility sources are destroyed and resumption of services
is vital. Stand-Alone systems are based upon advanced base functional component (ABFC)
technology and can be procurred.  See table 4-4 for generator information. For current
procurement information contact:
Commanding Officer
Attn: CESO Code 155
1000 23rd Avenue
Naval Construction Battalion Center
Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4301
(1) Description. Backup utility repair systems for electrical utilities systems
consist primarily of portable generators, associated hardware, load centers, cables, and fuel
supply. A variety of generator sixes exist in the DoD inventory, and may be used individually
or in parallel to accommodate several different load demands. Generators may be installed
individually, or two to three in parallel, to provide emergency power to specific sites as required
around the station.
Portable generator systems can be used as a complete system, or individual pieces
may be used as required, for each specific situation. In the total system, fuel is stored in
bladder tanks and supplied to the generator, using portable fuel hose. The generator will, in
turn, use the fuel to operate and supply power to the load center, which acts as a main power
panel. Generators used individually can normally be left alone and monitored periodically.
When more than one generator is used in parallel, close monitoring should be performed
whenever possible. Figures 4-3, 4-4, and 4-5 show operational schematics of three systems.
(2) Bill of Materials. Table 4-4 lists procurement information for the three
Stand-Alone Systems.


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