Quantcast Steel -Torch or GTA (low- and medium-carbon)

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For faster buildup with arc, feed this rod into arc
(low- and medium-carbon)
stream of the electrode. If you have a wearfacing rod
that is too hard for impact, feed this rod into arc
NSN: 9GD 3439-00-018-1625 (1/16X 36)
9GD 3439-00-165-4198 (3/32X 36)
stream. If you wish to cut stainless or cast iron with
the torch, feed this rod into the kerf.
(NOTE: This triple deoxidized rod should be used if
Tensile Strength: 62,000 psig
gas welding with MAPP Gas. It can also be used with
acetylene gas.)
Gas welding or GTA welding of low- and
medium-carbon steel where properties similar to those
of the base metal are required or when the welded joint
is subjected to heat. Small parts can be fabricated
faster and with less distortion by using a brazing rod
(NSN 9GD 3439-00- 165-4199). If joint strength is
important, use NSN 9GD 3439-00-027-0953.


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