Quantcast Brazing-Torch (flux-coated rod for general brazing)

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(flux-coated rod for general brazing)
Clean joint and bevel heavy sections. On cast iron, use
an excess oxygen flame to sear the weld area to a blue
NSN: 9GD 3439-00-165-4199 (1/8X 18)
heat. Preheat heavy sections to 800F. Apply flux
to weld area and continue heating until flux melts.
9GD 3439-00-165-4197 (3/16X 18)
Melt off a drop of the rod and flow it out - continue to
9GD 3439-00-252-8357 (1/4X 18)
add more alloy drop by drop.
Joining of steel and cast iron and most copper-based
metals, such as brass and bronze. Can be used on
A low-fuming bronze rod that does not require fusion
some nickel alloys.
of the surface of the base metal. Flux for this rod is
(NOTE: Keep base metal of nickel alloys at lowest
possible temperature.)
Tensile Strength: 60,000 psig
Ideal for dissimilar metal combinations. Can be used to
build up frictional wear-resistant surfaces that requir
hardness of approximately 80 Brinell or 47 Rockwell


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