Quantcast Brazing-Torch (flux - coated rod for high-strength brazing)

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TYPE: BRAZING - TORCH (flux - coated rod for
on each side of joint until alloy penetrates the joint.
high-strength brazing)
When using as a bead-forming alloy, bevel heavy
pieces into a 60-900 vee and apply as a brazing rod.
Do not melt base metal.
NSN: 9GD 3439-00-027-0953 (1/8X 18)
A flux-coated brazing alloy of high strength. Bonding
Primary: Torch joining of all carbon and alloy
temperature -1400- 1600F. Use NSN 9GD
steels, including tool steel and carbides. Excellent for
repairing broken drills and joining extensions to drills
3439-00-165-4199 for brazing and for jobs not
requiring high strength.
and reamers.
Secondary: For joining and repairing nonferrous
Tensile Strength: 100,000 psig.
metals, except aluminum, magnesium and die cast
When using as a thin flowing alloy and extra flux is
not available, break off and pulverize some of the flux
coating and mix it with a few drops of water to form a
paste to paint the joint area.
Clean joint thoroughly - close fit the joint with about
0.003 in. clearance. Heat with neutral flame until
preplaced flux liquefies - apply rod - continue heating


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