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Since this alloy does not contain cadmium, it is safe
to use on any food or beverage equipment. Use this
NSN: 9GD 3439-01-047-4141 (3/64x 34)
(per Kit plus dry flux)
rod only where the work is small, delicate, or requires
joining by use of a torch at low temperatures. This
9GD 3439-01-030-2412 (1/16)
alloy's thin, flowing properties make it ideal for lap,
square butt, and "T" joints because capillary action
causes it to fill small-clearances and achieve higher
For all silver brazing applications on ferrous and
non-ferrous metals (except the white metals). Use
strength bonds.
specifically for instrumentation, tubing, controls,
Temperature: 1145- 1205F
switches, and similar devices. Excellent for food
vessels, laboratory apparatus, and hospital equipment.
Tensile Strength: 85,000 psig
Clean thoroughly, heat broadly along the joint line
with a carburizing flame. Touch rod into jar of dry
flux and flow into joint, then feed rod into joint. Keep
flame at least 1 in. from joint. Continue feeding rod
until fillet is observed. When paste flux is needed, mix
with a few drops of water to form a paste and paint the
area where a preplaced flux is desired. Flux can be
removed by quenching in water. Joint clearance
should be between 0.002 and 0.003 in. for maximum
strength. For color match on stainless, coat silver
solder deposit with tin-silver solder 96/4 on page 1-40.


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