Quantcast Cast Iron-Touch (flux coated rod)

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TYPE: CAST IRON - TORCH (flux coated rod)
off a drop of the rod and flow it out. Continue
depositing alloy drop by drop, using a weaving motion
of the torch. Slowly cool by covering with lime.
NSN: 9GD 3439-00-027-0953 (1/8X 18)
9GD 3439-00-254-5038 (1/4X 18)
Deposits are color matching and dense with similar
properties of cast iron. The deposit will be machinable
Primary: A general-purpose, cast iron alloy for
if cooled slowly.
torch joining of gray cast iron. Use this rod when weld
deposit must have physical properties (resistance to
Bonding Temperature: 1400- 1600F
bending, corrosion, heat resistance) similar to the base
metal. A cast iron manifold, built to withstand heat,
Hardness: 200 Bhn (slow cooled)
should be welded with this rod because it deposits a
weld that will withstand exhaust heat and expand and
Tensile Strength: 40,000 psig
contract at the same rate as the manifold.
Secondary: Use on cast iron parts too small and thin
to arc weld. When no hard face rod is available, it will
make a hard deposit if applied as an arc rod.
Bevel breaks and cracks to forma 75-90 vee. Use
neutral flame and preheat uniformly. Keep torch in
constant motion. Melt a small amount of flux from the
rod and continue heating until the flux liquefies from
the heat of the base metal. At this temperature, melt


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