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COMPOUND (Continued)
heating cycle. Hot water will easily remove any
This section includes Quick Reference Guides for
Welders (Tables 1-1 through 1-5). These application
guides reference pages in this manual and cover
primary and alternate electrodes to be used when
This material is free of poisonous compounds, such as
welding the different metals listed. This section also
cyanide, but take precautions to avoid breathing its
includes a comparative index (Table 1-6) to further aid
fumes. Do not add fresh powder when it weakens;
the welder in identifying comparable welding
instead, simply discard and use a new can.
products. Two or more products in this index maybe
listed as being comparable under a National Stock
Number (NSN) whereas, in reality, they differ.
Remember, specifications merely state minimum
requirements. Although two products meet the same
specifications, they may have different performance
characteristics. Table 1-6 is provided to help the
deployed welder identify the right electrode, or the
next best one from available welding products, and
should not necessarily be construed to mean the
products are the same or that they all meet the
requirements for a particular National Stock Number
(NSN). Space limitations required abbreviation of
some product designations - For example: nickel
manganese has been listed as Ni Mang.


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