Quantcast How to Set and Use A Welding or Cutting Unit

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(2) Before attaching oxygen and fuel regulators to
MAPP gas is excellent for selective flame-hardening.
cylinders, crack the valve slightly to blow out
It bums efficiently at various oxygen-to-fuel ratios and
dirt or dust. Stand away from valve openings.
port velocities, and permits a wide range of hardness
depths. The stable, clean burning MAPP gas flame
(3) Be sure regulator inlet connections are clean.
virtually eliminates dangerous flashback.
Attach regulators to cylinders and tighten
connection nuts firmly. Never use oil on oxygen
It is ideal for cambering large beams and other heating
regulators or fittings or wear oily gloves when
applications because it heats wider areas to a higher
handling oxygen equipment.
temperature faster than other fuels.
(4) Be sure the regulator adjusting screw is backed
all the way out. Crack the oxygen cylinder valve
until pressure has built up, then open it all the
way. Do not stand in front of or behind a
The importance of setting up and using welding and
regulator when the oxygen valve is open. Stand
cutting equipment CORRECTLY for all fuel gases
to one side.
cannot be understated since its improper use can be
very dangerous. The following steps should be used
(5) Be sure the fuel regulator adjusting screw is
for a safe operating procedure.
backed out. If it is, then open the fuel cylinder
valve one turn.
Setting Up:
(1) Be sure cylinders are securely fastened so they
will not fall over.


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