Quantcast Extinguishing the Torch

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SETTTNG UP (Continued)
(2) Adjust the oxygen and fuel gas in successive
Connect the correct hoses to the oxygen and
MAPP gas regulators. The oxygen hose is green
steps to the desired flame.
and its fittings have right hand threads. The
Extinguishing the Torch:
MAPP gas hose is red and its fittings, notched on
the outside, have left hand threads.
(1) Close the torch fuel valve, then close the torch
Open the torch's oxygen valve and adjust its
oxygen valve,
regulator to the desired pressure. Purge the
(2) Close both cylinder valves.
oxygen for approximately ten seconds for each
hundred feet of hose, then turn its torch valve off.
(3) Open the torch fuel valve, bleed off the fuel gas,
then close it.
Open the torch's fuel valve and adjust to desired
pressure; purge for ten seconds for each hundred
(4) Open the torch oxygen valve, bleed off the
feet of hose, then turn it off.
oxygen, then close it. Release the oxygen last to
(NOTE: Purging procedures remove any mixture of
prevent trapping fuel in the torch.
gases from hoses that could cause a possible backlash.)
(5) Back out both regulator adjusting screws.
Lighting the Torch:
(1) Crack the fuel gas valve about 1/4 turn and crack
the oxygen valve slightly. Light the torch with a


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