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including a named individual if applicable, for certification prior to
In addition to the information identified in the clause
entitled "Prompt Payment" herein, invoices shall include the following
Contract line item number (CLIN)
Contract subline item number (SLIN), if applicable
Accounting classification reference number (ACRN)
Payment terms
Name and serial number of equipment provided or serviced
Total charges and, if applicable, the prompt payment discount.
(c)  The contractor shall submit invoices for basic monthly charges
in the month following the month for which the charges accrue and not
more than on a monthly basis.  Payment for rental or services of less
than one month's duration shall be prorated at 1/30th of the basic
monthly charges for each calendar day.
(d)  If maintenance credits apply, the procedures indicated below
are applicable:
* The Government will request in writing that the applicable credits
for the month be applied against other charges.  The request will list
the following information:
Type and model number(s) of machines(s),
date of occurrence, period of downtime, and credit due.
Invoices for
remedial (on-call) maintenance will be accompanied by copies of the
applicable  malfunction  reports  regarding  the  on-call  maintenance
* The Government will deduct the credits from the monthly invoice and
inform the contractor in writing the reason for the credit and include
the date of the occurrence, period of downtime and/or response time,
credit due and the type and model of the equipment.
Check applicable procedure.
Insert the following clause in all solicitation/contracts and
check the appropriate paragraphs which apply.
The  contract  will  be  administered  by  an  authorized
representative of the Contracting Officer.  In no event, however, will
any understanding or agreement, modification, change order, or other
matter deviating from the terms of the contract between the contractor
and any person other than the Contracting Officer be effective or
binding upon the Government, unless formalized by proper contractual


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