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e)  Horizontal fiber optic distribution cables for
video distribution and/or fiber to the desktop;
f)  Video teleconferencing and video display
connectivity to support conference facilities; and
Generators and other backup power devices.
Command and Control Center.  In addition to those
considerations listed above for headquarters facilities, cable
and antenna service entrances, pathways, backbone systems, signal
security, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC),
power tolerances, and floor loading must be given special
attention when designing the telecommunications support for
command and control facilities.  Telecommunications equipment
outlets should be served from the backup power distribution
board.  Raised floors are prevalent in the design of command and
control facilities because of the increased number of
interconnected consoles and multimedia workstation and display
systems.  Trunked mobile radio equipment, coaxial RF cabling, and
an antenna mast or tower should be anticipated.  MIL-HDBK-420,
Site Survey Handbook for Telecommunications Facilities addresses
the site survey procedures to be conducted prior to designing
communications facilities and NAVELEX 0101/0102, Naval Shore
Electronics Criteria addresses communications station design.
For signal security considerations, primarily cryptologic
equipment applications, MIL-HDBK-232, RED/BLACK Engineering-
Installation Guidelines provides RED/BLACK signal distribution
design guidance.  Facilities which require sensitive
compartmented information storage must comply with the Director
of Central Intelligence (DCI) directive 1/21, Physical Security
Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities and
NACSIM 5203, Guidelines for Facility Design and RED/BLACK
Training.  Training facilities are both users and
generators of high data rate circuits and employ both fiber
optics and satellite radio transmission paths in association with
distance learning.  Provide a structured premises wiring system
compatible with the customer's terminal equipment to include
CAT 5 and fiber optic media.
Administrative areas, classrooms, and auditoriums may
require both LAN and broadband video distribution jacks.  Video
cables will terminate in the video control room.  Video
distribution cables may be coaxial, fiber optic, or UTP.

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