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calculating the capacitive reactance of the cable.  The higher
the frequency, the more critical the capacitance becomes in
controlling cross talk between pairs.
Within the telecommunications closet, patch cords
should be constructed of stranded copper cable vice a solid
conductor to increase their durability and their length limited
to 6 m (20 ft.).
Caution:  Eight-pin modular plugs for connecting to
stranded cables differ from eight-pin modular plugs used for
solid conductor wire because of the diameter of the wire.
Station cords, also constructed of stranded cable, should be
limited to a length of 3.1 m (10 ft.).  These lengths may vary as
long as the total length of horizontal patch cords does not
exceed 9 m (30 ft.).  Figure 13 illustrates the relationship
between the station cords, horizontal distribution cable
(telecommunications link), and the patch cords or cross connect
wire which connect the closet end of the link to the system
specific electronic equipment.
Installation.  CAT 5 cable is usually packaged in
310 m (1000 ft.) rolls contained either on a spool or in a box.
Several runs are usually pulled simultaneously.  Extra care must
be taken when uncoiling or unreeling CAT 5 cable to prevent
kinking.  A kink will adversely affect the capacitance and
consequently the NEXT performance measurement.  When kinked, the
cable cannot be straightened out well enough to restore its
original bandwidth properties and therefore must be replaced.
Copper data and voice cable may be run simultaneously but should
never share the same sheath or patch panel because of dissimilar
power levels which could result in cross talk or equipment damage
if mistakenly cross connected to the wrong system.
a)  The minimum bend radius for fiber optic cable and
25 pair CAT 5 cable is 10 times the cable diameter.  For CAT 3
UTP it is four times the cable diameter.  Do not exceed a
90-degree bend.
Maximum pulling tension should not exceed 25 lb.

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