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Conduit, Metal, Rigid (Electrical, Aluminum),
Fed. Spec. WW-C-540A
Conduit Outlet Boxes, Bodies, and Entrance Caps, Electrical:
Cast Metal, Fed. Spec. W-C 586D
Coupling Installations, Standard Conduit, Electrical, AND10380
Design and Construction of Underground Cable (Physical Plant),
Section 644, REA TE&CM
Design Handbook for Fiber Optic Communications Systems,
Detail Specification for 62.5 um Core Diameter/125 um Cladding
Diameter Class la Multimode, Graded Index Optical
Waveguide Fibers, ANSI/EIA/TIA-492AAAA 2/89
Detail Specification for 62.5um Core Diameter/125um Cladding
Diameter Class IA Multimode, Graded Index Optical
Waveguide Fibers, FIPS PUB 159
Doors, Hatches, Scuttles, Emergency Escape Panels and Manholes,
Electrical Distribution System, Aerial, CEGS 16370
Electrical Plastic Tubing (EPT) and Conduit (EPC-40 and EPC-8O),
Electrical Protection by Effective Grounding of Cable Shields,
Section 817, REA TE&CM
Electrical Protection Grounding Fundamentals, Section 802,
Electrical Protection of Aerial Cable, Section 815, REA TE&CM
EPS for Real Property Management - Electric - Electronic Handbook
Chapter 10, Service/Distribution - Manholes,
NAVFAC P-703.0
Extra-Strength PVC Plastic Utilities Duct for Underground
Installation, NEMA TC 8
Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) Token Ring Media Access
Control (MAC), ANSI X3.139

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