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Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) - Token Ring Physical
Layer Medium Dependent (PMD), ANSI X3.166
Fiber Optic Communications Cables and Connectors, USA FM-11-487-5
Fiber Optic, Data Transmission for Exterior System, NFGS-16745
Fiber Optic Data Transmission System for EMCS, CEGS-16795
Fiber Optic Outside Plant Communications Cable,
ICEA S-87-640-1992
Fiber Optic Premises Distribution Cable, ICEA S-83-596
Fiber Optics Data Transmission for Interior System, NFGS-16744
Fiber Optics Data Transmission Media for Security Systems,
CEGS 16754
Fiber Optic Symbols, MIL-STD-l864A
Fiber Optic Systems Design, MIL-STD-2052 (SH)
Fiber Optic Test Methods and Instrumentation, DOD-STD-l678
Fiber Optic Topology Operation, Maintenance and Repair,
NSTM Chapter 408, NAVSEA S9086-NX-STM-xxx
Firestopping, CEGS 07270,
Firestopping, NFGS-07270
Fittings for ABS and PVC Plastic Utilities Duct for Underground
Installation, NEMA TC 9
Fittings for Cable, Power, Electrical and Conduit, Metal
Flexible, Fed. Spec. W-F-406E
Fittings for Conduit, Metal Rigid (Thick Wall and Thin Wall (EMT)
Type), Fed. Spec. W-F-408E
Fittings for Conduits and Outlet Boxes, UL-514B
FOTP-13 Visual and Mechanical Inspection of Fiber, Cables,
Connectors and/or Other Fiber Optic Devices,

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