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Manholes, Trunk and Exchange Loading - Description,
GTE 622-500-101
Manhole Work Lamp Nelson - Fluorescent - 12 Volt - Description
and Use, GTE 081-240 100
Models XLS 1-1/2A and XLS 1-1/2-4 Portable Manhole Pumps,
GTE 081-615-102
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria, Digital Computer Systems, VI,
Facility Planning Considerations Chapter 4, Grounding
Systems, NAVELEX 0101,111
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria EMC and Electromagnetic RADHAZ,
Installation Considerations, Chapter 7 Grounding
Electronic Systems, NAVELEX 0101,106
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria HF Radio Propagation and
Facility Site Selection, Chapter 3, Ground Wave
Propagation, NAVELEX 0101,103
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria, Installation Standards and
Practices, Chapter 11, Aerial RF Transmission Lines
Grounding and Bonding, NAVELEX 0101,llO
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria, Naval Training Facilities,
Appendix E, Lightning Protection, NAVELEX 0101,109
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria, Naval Training Facilities
Chapter 5, Optical Systems, NAVELEX 0101,109
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria, NSG Elements, Chapter 8
Grounding and Bonding, NAVELEX 0101,108
Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection, ANSI Z87.1
Open Flames in Manholes - Procedures, GTE 628-025-Ol5
Optical Fiber Interface That May Be Employed for Synchronous or
Asynchronous, Point-to-Point Interconnection of Digital
Equipment, ANSI/EIA/TIA-533
Outside Plant Cable Placement Cable Installation, USA FM 11-372-2
Personnel Protection Equipment, NSTM Chapter 077,
Pole Plates (Aerial), NFGS-L-16302

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