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Change 1, 30 June 1995
(1) Limits of the water impact area shall be drafted so the
limits can be transferred onto local navigation charts as a SDZ in the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers (COE) application.  Refer to par. 2.2.6(2).
(2) At least two poles shall display "holiday" size red flags
when the range is "live."  Flags shall be visible from all points of entry
into the SDZ.  Provide either a red or white strobe light to call attention to
the flag at night.  Flags shall be placed wherever there is a conspicuous
location.  Oceanside requirements are different from swamp- and canal-side
(3) Provide marking buoys at the outer limits of the SDZ.
Abnormal depths or extensive ship traffic may require other procedures.
Submit alternate proposals for marking limits to NAVFACENGCOM Code 15C if
buoys are impractical.
(4) A lookout having direct communication with the firing line
(to stop the firing if the SDZ is entered) shall be maintained. A high
observation tower could be provided for this lookout.  High speed vessels may
be required to police the SDZ if there is significant water traffic.
b) After receiving CNO's approval, file an application for a SDZ
with the COE District Engineer having jurisdiction in accordance with 33 CFR
Part 344.  Verify that the COE has communicated with the U.S. Coast Guard to
publish an announcement in the "Notice To Mariners" routinely to warn mariners
to "stand clear" when the range is in operation.
Local Operating Procedures.  Safety of personnel and property is
paramount.  Proper range operation procedures and discipline will be required
for safe usage.  The designer shall include in the general notes on the
construction drawings the pertinent design parameters such as:  weapons,
ammunition, target types, SDZ's, property lines, and aircraft flight paths to
assist the RSO in writing the SOP manual.
Warnings.  Warning signs shall be provided on the approaches to the
range and the perimeter of the SDZ, if access is not otherwise restricted.
Red flags and/or rotating, flashing red lights shall be provided at
appropriate locations to signal when the range is in use.  Refer to the
information listed in the following table and AR 385-30, Safety Color Code
Markings and Signs for guidance.  Fencing may be required when there are no
other entry restrictions.

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