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Change 1, 30 June 1995
Danger--Firing in Progress
Approach Roads
When Red Flag is Flying
Danger--Firing Ranges
Fencing and Barriers
Do Not Enter
Entry road and 100 feet (30.5 m)
intervals on perimeter fencing
Wind Direction.  On rifle ranges, p rovide flags on poles at each end
of the impact berm or target line and at each firing line to indicate wind
direction to the shooters.  This could be the same flag called for in par.
Site Requirements.
The site selection should address the following
Location.  Sites should be remote from communities to avoid
interaction with residents and allow for future development of the range.
SDZ shall be recorded on activity GDM's.  The following items shall be
addressed when selecting a location:
Site shall be accessible by road.
b) Site shall have natural drainage, but no flowing water courses
near the range floor or impact berm.
c)  Take advantage of any natural barriers or base restricted
areas to prevent access by personnel and animals to the SDZ. Most activities
have boundary conditions such as runways, magazine areas, and perimeter
d) Take advantage of any natural backstops that may exist for both
cost savings on berm construction and noise abatement.
e) Locate so as to minimize the amount of lead (MAD and RC) that
will land in adjoining waterways, wetlands, etc.  Use a minimum setback from
these features of 30 meters on either side of the range and 60 meters behind
the impact berm.
f) Avoid areas that are subject to flooding. Cleanup costs for
berms that have been washed away by floods are becoming prohibitive.
g) Avoid locating the range upwind (prevailing) of residential
areas, if possible.

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