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Change 1, 30 June 1995
h) Direct the line of fire away from residential areas, if
Characteristics.  The following criteria should be considered when
locating a range on a site:
a)  Range floor should require minimal grading to produce a smooth
surface of homogeneous material.  A rocky surface will increase RC and enlarge
the SDZ (see Figure 2.2-2).
b) Trees are allowed downrange of the impact berm in the SDZ, on
exterior faces of the impact berm and side berms, and in the side SDZ's.
c) Vehicle access inside the range is required to ease maintenance
operations and grass mowing.
d) If possible (safety and site considerations holding priority),
the range should be oriented to eliminate firing into the sun.  Backlighting
the target line may cause aiming problems.  In the northern hemisphere, north
to northeast direction is preferable.  Overhead baffling may provide
sufficient shading on the targets to remove the backlighting.
The following utilities should be provided in the area:
(1) Electricity - size service to accommodate power
requirements for lighting, communication systems, target manipulation and
control, etc.  Locate wiring aboveground in conduit on any available structure
or berm not exposed to DF.  Many ranges are experiencing trouble with
groundwater when new connections are made to upgrade systems.
(2) Telephone or radio communication - needed for communication
if there is a range emergency or accident.  User can supply handheld units.
(3) Water - if available provides service for fire protection,
drinking, and sanitary uses. If not available, comment in design parameters
so operators will provide required portable fire extinguishers and drinking
and handwashing water.  Handwashing water is required on the range.
f) There should be sufficient parking of appropriate surface to
accommodate the anticipated vehicles.
g)  If requested by the user, p rovide toilets and a storehouse to be
used for ready ammunition storage, target storage and repair, first aid area,
etc.  User may prefer to provide portable toilets.  On rifle ranges consider
placing target storage and some toilets at the ends of the target butts.

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