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Specifications for all projects designed for EFA Chesapeake shall be prepared using SPECSINTACT (SI), a
computer-based specification production system used by Army, Navy, and NASA. The system contains Guide
Specifications for each of the three sponsoring organizations. In SPECSINTACT the project specification is
treated as a complete product, allowing for numerous quality assurance features to prevent or detect common
problems and to allow functions such as automated submittal lists and other reports which extract portions of
each specification section file. Use of SPECSINTACT is mandatory for all projects.
SPECSINTACT and NFGS Specifications
The Navy has a system of NFGS Guide Specifications, which are to be used with SPECSINTACT for each
project. These sections cover nearly all needed building components. Where a Navy section for a product does
not exist, a comparable section for NASA or the Army may be used, otherwise the A/E will be required to
prepare a project-unique section as explained in paragraph 5.4. EFA Chesapeake issues a few regional
specifications, which are also found on the CCB CD-ROM. Use these sections when directed by the AIC/EIC.
SPECSINTACT and the Navy's guide specifications are available on CDROM. They are a part of the
Construction Criteria Base (CCB), a CDROM library of construction information collected and distributed by the
National Institute for Building Sciences (NIBS). SPECSINTACT and CCB require an Intel 486/66 computer
capable of running Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT. Contact NIBS for the latest hardware
requirements as they change frequently. The CCB is available free of charge for A/E firms under contract to
EFA Chesapeake. A copy of the design contract between the A/E firm and EFA Chesapeake must be sent to
NIBS. Contact NIBS for further ordering information at 202-289-7800.
Project Unique Sections
Where a Navy, Army or NASA SPECSINTACT section does not exist for a building product, guide
specifications of other Government departments or private organizations such as Masterspec or SPEC-TEXT
may be converted to SPECSINTACT format and used in the project. Where other guide specifications do not
exist, the A/E shall produce a project-unique specification section using the templates provided in
SPECSINTACT to provide the proper format as a beginning point in the editing process. When writing project-
unique sections, SI will include the Navy's Guide Notes regarding use as Guide Specifications. These may be
ignored during the production of project unique specification sections for construction. When writing original
sections, follow the general language of the NFGS guide specifications. There is guidance on proper
specification terminology, grammar, and usage in Military Handbook 1006/1, "Preparing Plans and
Specifications" and Military Handbook 1006/2 "Preparing Guide Specifications". SPECSINTACT contains a
spell checker, which recognizes many engineering and construction terms in the guide specifications. The A/E is
expected to properly proofread the specification for spelling as well as grammatical errors. The SPECSINTACT
documentation provides further information on producing unique sections using templates.

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