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(NOTE: In this section, the term "Contractor" refers to the A/E.)
The following instructions are for the assistance of the A/E in the preparation and submission of the Contractor's
Invoice Form (EFACHES 7300-30A), the Contract Performance Statement (LANTDIV NORVA Form 4-
7300/21), and the Contractor's Release (NAVFAC Form 4330/7). Copies of these forms and instructions are
provided in Appendix VI. (Electronic copies may be requested by contacting the Contracting Officer.) If
additional assistance is needed in the preparation of these documents, the A/E should contact the Contracting
When submitting an invoice for payment, only one original of the Contractor's Invoice and the accompanying
Contract Performance Statement shall be submitted to the attention of Code 02AE. Invoices can be either
mailed in or faxed. A copy should be retained by the A/E. The A/E may invoice monthly or at longer intervals,
at the A/E's option. The Government will not accept invoices for the same contractual action within a thirty-day
period. The A/E is advised that any Government retentions must be re-invoiced for payment.
Government retentions are not automatically disbursed.
Invoices are to be submitted in accordance with the instructions found in Appendix VI. Invoices that are not
filled out correctly or are missing required information will be returned to the A/E.
Invoices for Indefinite Quantity Contracts shall be submitted separately for each individual delivery/task
order. The invoice shall contain the delivery/task number assigned to that project. The A/E shall invoice
separately for design services/engineering services and Post Construction Award Services.
Payment Process
Upon receipt of a properly submitted invoice, Code 02AE initiates action to the appropriate technical
representative (AIC/EIC, ROICC or 05) for validation that the work being invoiced for has been completed
satisfactorily. Subsequent to confirmation by the technical representative, the invoice is certified and submitted
for payment. In the event that payment has not been approved or not approved in full by the technical
representative, notification with justification of payment denial will be provided to the A/E.
The entire invoice process has a 30 calendar day allowance for completion beginning with the date a properly
submitted invoice is received by Code 02AE, and ending with the date the check is issued to the A/E (excluding
mailing time). Inquiries regarding the status of an invoice may be made approximately 36 calendar days after

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