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Requirements Form DD 1450, organizational charts and A/E generated
surveys. The extent of the programming effort shall be determined by the type
of facility and its function.
The A/E is responsible for using the following criteria:
a. DOD Instruction 5305.3
b. SECNAV Instruction 5910.8
c. NAVFAC P-80
2. Floor plans indicating blocking and stacking of adjacencies and proposed type
of furniture to be used, i.e., systems, modular, and/or conventional.
3. Additional layouts indicating furniture "test-fits" may be required to ensure
that space allocations and adjacencies are accurate. This may entail the
development of several schemes which shall be considered reasonable at this
early stage of design development.
Phase B shall include:
1. Floor plans indicating any built-in furnishings, i.e., cabinetry, visual display
boards, and any other elements of interior design which interface with the
architecture and other design disciplines.
2. Preliminary selections of architectural finishes and signage. Actual samples and
colors shall be shown on finish display board(s), of a manageable size
(suggested 14 inches by 18 inches; not larger than 20 inches by 30 inches).
Two copies of the board(s) shall be submitted.
3. Preliminary Finish Schedule indicating finish locations.
4. Preliminary signage schedule indicating design intent. Signage shall include a
logical room-numbering and identification system, directional signs and
directories. The signage system shall be coordinated with the customer and
shall conform to the guidelines of the activity. All signage must comply with
Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).
5. A/E shall present submission to customer and EFA Ches. After review of the
submission, display boards will be returned to the A/E. If comments indicate
that the finish selections are unacceptable, additional presentations will be
required until an acceptable solution is attained.

Western Governors University

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