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CHESDIV 7300-30 (REV 2/98)
(Numbers in parenthesis correspond to the form)
( 1)
Invoice Date: Date of submission of the invoice. This date shall not precede the date of award of
the A/E contract, delivery/task order or any modification being invoiced.
( 2)
Invoice Number: Assign Invoice Numbers chronologically (i.e., 0001, 0002, 0003, etc.). If a
previous invoice has been denied payment, use the next sequential unused Invoice Number. Do
not reuse the denied Invoice Number.
( 3)
Contractor's Invoice Number: Firms may use this space for their identification for internal tracking.
From: Complete Name and Address of the firm as shown on the contract document.
( 4)
In parenthesis following the complete name of the firm, provide a firm point of contact (POC) for
the invoice action with that individual's telephone number.
In the event that the firm has moved since the execution of the contract, a formal request for a
change of address signed by a firm official must accompany the invoice. Upon receipt of this
request, an administrative contract modification will be issued changing the contractor address.
( 5)
Remittance Address: If payments are sent to an address other than the address shown on the
contract, the A/E shall insert that address. If the remittance address is the same as the address on
the contract, the space shall be left blank. The remittance address must be approved by the
contracting officer and incorporated into the contract by written modification.
( 6)
Contract: The contract number as shown on the A/E contract. Include delivery/task order number
when invoicing for IDQ contracts. Include the contract (or delivery/task order) title and the location
of work as shown in on the A/E contract (delivery/task order).
Total Dollar Value of the Contract: This figure represents the total value of the Contract including
( 7)
all executed Modifications, Contract delivery/task orders and Modifications to Contract
delivery/task orders.
( 8)
Percentage of Performance Complete: This figure represents the percentage of all work
completed for the total contract value.
( 9)
Value of Completed Performance: This figure represents the total dollar value of the percentage
of work completed in (8) above. This figure shall agree with the total shown on column 5 of the
Contractor Performance Statement.
(10) Less: Total of prior paid invoices: The total amount previously received by the A/E (not the
amount previously invoiced).
(11) Amount of This Invoice: The total dollar amount being requested under this Invoice.
(12) Signature: Original signature of Company Official
(13) Name and Title: Typed Name and Title of Company Official

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