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material can lead to the diversion of substantial quantities of that material from the waste
Information on the materials used to produce each item EPA has designated is
presented in subsection a, "Use of Materials, in Solid Waste," in the individual item
designation discussions in sections X-XVI of this document.
2. Economic and Technological Feasibility and Performance
Before selecting an item for designation, EPA determines that, based on its market
research, it is economically and technologically feasible `to use recovered materials to
produce the item. EPA uses several indicators in making this determination. Availability of
the item in the marketplace and procurement of the item by Federal and/or other government
agencies are primary indicators that it is economically and technologically feasible to produce
that product with recovered materials content. Other indicators include ability of the item to.
meet performance specifications, general acceptance of the item by consumers and
purchasers, and use of recovered feedstock by manufacturers.
RCRA directs EPA to "designate items that are or can be produced with recovered
materials and whose procurement by procuring agencies will carry out the objectives of
section 6002" of RCRA. This being the case, there may be instances where a particular item
is not currently being made with recovered materials content, but a similar item is. In those
cases where the Agency believes that there are no technical reasons that prevent an item from
being manufactured with recovered materials, and there is a demonstrated use of recovered
materials in a similar item, EPA may also consider designation of the item that currently
does not contain recovered materials.
Prior to selecting an item for designation, EPA also considers the ability of the item
to meet the standards, specifications, or commercial item descriptions established by Federal
agencies or national standard-setting organizations.
Information on the economic and technological. feasibility of producing each item EPA
has designated, includingthe availabilityof the item and the number of manufacturers that
produce the item, the ability of the item to meet Federal or national specifications, the
recovered materials content levels used by manufacturers to produce the item, and other
information relevant to the economic and technological feasibility of producing and using the.
item, is discussed in subsection b, "Technically Proven Uses," in the individual item
designation discussions in sections X-XVI of this document.
3. Impact of Government Procurement
The impact of government procurement of products containing recovered materials is
a combination of (1) direct purchases by Federal agencies, (2) purchases made by state and
local agencies using Federal monies, and (3) purchases made by contractors to these

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