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information on 23 items as potential items for future designation and 4 items that the Agency
believed were inappropriate for designation at this time (59 FR 18881, April 20, 1994).
EPA received comments on most of the 23 items listed as potential items for future
designation. In addition, EPA received comments on pallet stretch wrap and strapping,
`which, at proposal, were two of the items EPA believed to be inappropriate to designate (59
FR 18812, April 20, 1994). Three commenters provided information on pallet stretch wrap
and one on strapping, indicating that these two items may be suitable for designation. The
information provided in the comments will be considered when the Agency' evaluates items
for possible designation in a future update of the CPG.
B. Items Considered Inappropriate for Designation
EPA, described sheet glass and glass fiber in the preamble to the proposed CPG as
inappropriate to designate based on the information available to the Agency (see 59 FR 1881,
April 20, 1994). EPA received no comments or information to suggest otherwise and,
therefore, will not consider these items in the next update of the CPG.
EPA has developed lists of manufacturers and vendors of the items designated in
today's final CPG. These lists will be updated periodically as new sources are identified and
EPA becomes aware of changes in product availability. To assist procuring agencies, the
lists will be made available at no charge by calling EPA's RCRA Hotline at (800) 424-9346,
or, in the Washington, D.C. area, at (703) 412-9810. They also will be available for review
in the RCRA Information Center (RIC). Procuring agencies are encouraged to contact
manufacturers and vendors directly to discuss their specific needs and to obtain detailed
information on the availability and price of recycled content products meeting those needs.
The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) publishes an `Environmental
Products Guide," which lists items available through its Federal Supply Service. This Guide
is updated periodically as new items become available. Copies of the GSA `Environmental
products Guide" can be obtained by contacting GSA's Centralized Mailing List Service in
Fort Worth, Texas at (817) 334-5215.
In addition to the information provided by EPA and GSA, there are other publicly-
available sources of information about products containing recovered materials. F o r
example, the. "Official Recycled Products Guide" (RPG) was established in March 1989 to
provide a broad range of information on recycled content products. Listings include product,
company name, address, contact, telephone, fax, type of company (manufacturer or
distributor), and minimum recycled content. Price information is not included. The RPG is
available on a subscription basis from American Recycling Market, Inc., (800) 267-9707.
Private corporations that have researched recycled product availability may also be willing to

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