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ATFP issues shall be incorporated at the initial phase of the design. Anti Terrorism and Force
Protection Criteria are incorporated into this project. The basis for design should be based on the
current version of the design standards which is UFC 4-010-01 "DoD Minimum Antiterrorism
Standards for
Buildings. Dated 31 July 2002. The designer should coordinate all protection features with the
current standards and any additional requirements in place at the time of the design. Ascertain
the exact requirements for protection based on a site specific survey, or lacking one provide the
minimum protection standards outlined in the standards. Coordinate all ATFP issues with the
base that may be a part of another project or impact adjacent facilities such as security fencing,
parking etc.
Sustainable Design
Major building components and building materials will be evaluated and selected based on the
following factors:
Resource conservation utilizing smaller quantities and less of given materials
Recycled content utilizing recycled materials
Renewability and use of sustainable management practices use of standards and
certification programs
Local content and reduced transportation use of locally manufactured products
Life Cycle costs and maintenance requirements evaluation of useful life versus first
Resource recovery and recycling recycleability of building products
Cost for sustainable design features are incorporated into all MilCon projects. Coordinate the
requirements in the appendix A that may be a part of the contract. Buildings may be required to
obtain a certification developed by the U. S Green Building Council (USGBC). Information
concerning the rating system is available therough the USGBC at
Understanding of this requirement should be addressed with the design agency and the activity.
In general, aircraft hangars are occupied by able-bodied military personnel only and are not
required by the Uniformed Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) to provide for disabled
people. The designer should discuss the requirement with the activity to verify that the facility is
only used by able-bodied military personnel. If the facility does have civilians, the UFAS
requirements will required to be incorporated into the design. The designer should consider the
waiving, in whole or in part, the accessibility features of the design if requested by the activity to
waive them. If the activity requests that accessibility requirements be waived, a letter requesting
the waiver shall be sent to the design agency. A sample letter is attached.
The designer should consider the incorporation of accessible features into the design of the
facility. Such features include:

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