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In siting the hangar, emphasis should be placed on operation, function, energy efficiency and
safety during the planning stages of design. Other factors to consider include topography,
vegetative cover, existing construction, weather elements, wind direction, soil conditions, flood
hazards, natural and man-made obstructions, adjacent land use, availability of usable airspace,
accessibility of utilities and future expansion capability. Vehicular parking, pedestrian access and
traffic flow must also be given careful consideration.
Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection
Locate hangars to standoff criteria in accordance with the current version of UFC 4-010-01
"DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings".
Hangar Safety Clearance
Orient hangar such that it is in compliance with all runway safety zone and imaginary surface
criteria of NAVFAC P-80.3 and UFC 3-260-01.
HVAC equipment, meters, poles, transformers, vaults, pressure reducing station piping and
valving, and other utility items are to be located so that they do not detract from the building's
appearance. Design should also reduce the negative visual impact of utility items and
communication lines.
Land use restrictions dealing with runway clearances, helipad planning, aircraft noise, and use of
airspace are to be applied to the site location with MIL-HDBK-1190.
Construction in Floodplains or on Wetlands
The construction of facilities in floodplains and wetlands is not recommended but is permitted
provided the provisions of MIL-HDBK-1190, Executive Order 12372, DOD Directive 4165.61,
Executive Order 11988, Executive Order 11990,
43 FR 6030, Title 44, CRF 59-79, Executive Order 11514, Executive Order 11991, Public Law
91-190, DOD Directive 6050.1 and Chesapeake Bay Protection Act (where applicable) are all
met. Coordinate all similar requirements as directed by the authority having jurisdiction.
Energy Concerns
Consider the effect of local sun angles and wind conditions on the hangar.

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