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provided with a means of movement in the event of power failure. The normal mode of
operation is an electric drive and the minimum speed of door travel should be 0.3 m/s (60 fpm).
Control of the doors should be by momentary contact type push buttons located near the leading
edge of the door and limit switches on each door leaf. Safety devices should be installed to
prevent injury to personnel and damage to equipment by moving door sections. If personnel
access doors are provided in the hangar door leaves, an interlock should be installed that will
prevent operation of the hangar door leaves when the personnel access doors are open and will
halt the hangar door leaves in the event a personnel access door is opened while the hangar door
leaves are in operation. An alarm should sound in conjunction with safety warning beacons
when doors are in motion. Sliding steel hangar doors should be in accordance with NFGS
08342, Steel Sliding Hangar Doors.
Vertical Lift Fabric Doors
Hangar doors may be individually operated, upward acting lightweight frame system with
polyvinyl fabric facings. Doors shall be designed in sections and shall have lifting mullions
between door sections. Design features include electric operation, emergency generator outlet,
personnel exit doors, and translucent lighting. Door speed will be a minimum of 0.13
meters/second or 60 seconds to open one panel.
In case of a power outage, the doors may be operated by utilizing APU's (Auxiliary Power
Units) that are also used for providing power to the aircraft. The design incorporates a static
converter that converts the 400 Hz power to 60 Hz used in the door motors. Operation
sequences is identified in the Electrical Basis of Design. Additionally, a generator may be
utilized to provide for the operation of the doors.
The proposed door arrangement permits egress of aircraft through adjacent panel openings in the
event of operational failure. Preliminary discussions with the NAVFAC Criteria branch have
indicated that a specification for Megadoor, Inc. or Albany International should be provided.
Other manufacturers of similar type doors will be evaluated for use on hangar projects. For
hangar openings wider than 150', a personnel exit door will be provided in the center of the bay
for a fire exit as required by NFPA 409.
Personnel Doors
Personnel doors will be insulated metal doors and metal frames. Metal doors and frames are
selected based on durability and common usage for this type of activity. Particular attention
should be placed in the selection of the hardware for the doors. Consider the use of
continuous hinges for high use doors.
Sectional Overhead Doors

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