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Motorized sectional overhead doors may be provided from the Hangar bays to the
exterior. Doors shall be pre-finished and insulated.
Overhead Rolling Service Doors
Provide rolling service doors in lieu of sectional overhead doors as needed. For exterior
locations, provide insulated doors. For interior doors provide non-insulated. Provide
motor operators as requested by the activity. Provide fire rated doors as required.
Natural light
Provide natural light as desired in the hangar bay. Consider the use of clerestories, and/or
windows. For hangar bays utilizing light colored vertical lift fabric doors natural light will
be transmitted through the fabric.
Natural light may also be provided by the use of translucent panels such as "Kalwall" and
should be considered for areas with high heating degree days.
Windows, if used, may be fixed thermally broken prefinished aluminum with tinted, low e
glass. All glass shall be laminated.
Louvers will be provided as required by the mechanical system and will be anodized
aluminum with integral bird screens. Louvers will be the drainable design type.
Hangar Bay Floor Finish
The floor finish on the hangar bay shall be composed of high build epoxy coating system. The
system is specified in Section 099xx "High Build Epoxy Coating Systems". The color of the
floor finish should be evaluated to determine the reflectance needed or desired. The colors are
generally white or light gray. The designer should discuss the selection of the system with the
activity and the Public Works Department to verify the type and color desired. The designer
should also verify the requirements for the applicators certifications and the incorporation of the
inspections required into Section 01450 "Quality Control".
Exterior wall construction
Exterior Walls will include field assembled insulated metal panels with concrete masonry
back-up painted in shop and mechanical areas. Interior partitions shall be reinforced
concrete masonry partitions typical. Other exterior wall materials should be considered
where the Base Standards require other materials.

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