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Wall Panels
Insulated metal wall panels field assembled, metal furring on masonry with semi-rigid friction
fit fiberglass insulation.
Personnel Doors
Doors will be insulated metal doors and metal frames.
Hardware will be of the type appropriate with the use. Hardware will be compliant with
accessibility standards set forth in UFAS and as determined by the activity. Use of heavy duty
hardware should be considered on all doors. The use of continuous hinges should be considered
at exterior door openings and other high usage doors.
AMMA HC60: Windows will be fixed and operable type as determined. Windows shall be
thermally broken prefinished aluminum with tinted, low e glass. Windows will include 25 mm
minimum insulated glazing to provide more favorable sound transfer coefficient. Glazing will be
laminated type.
Louvers will be provided as required by the mechanical system and will be anodized aluminum
with integral bird screens. Louvers will be the drainable design type.
Miscellaneous Items
A roof access hatch will be provided.
Ground floor will be a concrete slab on grade. Slabs will be reinforced and installed over a vapor
barrier and compacted porous fill.
Walls and Partitions
First floor walls will be 200 mm reinforced concrete masonry units. Partitions will extend to
floor slab above around shops and to ceiling in other locations. Partitions around administrative
areas may be gypsum wallboard on metal studs, except around shop areas. Partitions between

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