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hangar and O1/O2 spaces will be masonry. Partitions will be insulated for acoustical control as
needed. Partitions will be fire rated as required.
Stairs will be constructed of steel with concrete filled treads. Handrails and guardrails will be
steel tubing.
Doors & Frames
Doors will be metal with metal frames on the O1 level. Doors around the Paraloft, AO, AME or
any other space that may contain explosives will be compliant for blast protection per the
appropriate design guides. Such features may include outswinging doors and panic devices.
Hardware will be appropriate for the spaces served. Special hardware will include:
Mechanical Cipher locks may be desired on some shops and spaces where security is required.
Coordinate the requirement with the activity. Cipher locks may be considered on the following
CO office
XO office
Secure Office
Ready Room
Panic devices will be provided on the Paraloft, AO, AME as required by the
current NAVOSH standards.
Keying will conform to Base standards requirements including removable cores. Generally, all
squadron spaces will be keyed alike with change keys for individual doors. The building will
have grand master key system.
Windows and Glazing (interior)
Windows will be single pane glass set in metal wrap around frames. Glass will be wire or
tempered type as required by code based on the opening rating.
For openings in the wall between the Hangar and Maintenance Control, fire rated steel windows
will be provided. Glazing will be wire glass or fire rated type.
For windows in 2 hour rated walls, a fire shutter or 2hr. firerated windows will be provided.

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