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Finishes should be coordinated with the activity based on maintainability and appropriateness for
the application. Long term costs should be considered when evaluating the different finishes.
Shops, tool room, etc Concrete with sealer or Epoxy
Administrative spaces Resilient tile
Locker rooms Ceramic tile
Toilets Ceramic tile
Showers Ceramic tile
Corridors Resilient tile or Epoxy
Entry Lobby Ceramic Tile or other durable finish.
Shops, Administrative spaces, corridors, and spaces with resilient flooring or carpet Resilient
Spaces with Ceramic tile walls and floors Ceramic
All walls will be painted except ceramic tile walls.
Administrative Spaces - Suspended Acoustical
Toilets and Locker rooms Suspended gypsum wallboard
Corridors Suspended acoustical panels
Shops, equipment rooms, mechanical rooms Exposed construction, painted.
O2 (Squadron Administration and Operations)
Exterior Wall construction
Walls will include field assembled insulated metal panels over steel studs with batt insulation or
masonry per the ground floor. Exterior walls will be finished with gypsum wallboard on metal
furring or applied directly to the metal studs. Other exterior wall materials should be considered
where the Base Standards require other materials.
Wall Panels

Western Governors University

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