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Additional Architectural Requirements
Restrictions on the Use of Uncoated Aluminum
Aluminum roofing and siding should not be specified for structures located within 10 miles
(3.05 kilometers (km)) of the seacoast, due to salt deposition or incrustation from inshore winds
and salt-laden atmosphere.
Exterior and Interior
The restrictions for the use of preformed (corrugated) aluminum roofing and siding are
applicable also to sandwich panel and flat sheet construction of unprotected (uncoated)
aluminum and to ribbed aluminum extrusions. Consideration should also be given to the
corrosion of aluminum surfaces on the interior of structures due to salt deposits from salt-laden
Incompatible Materials
Surfaces of incompatible metals; wet, green, or damp wood; wood treated with incompatible
preservatives; masonry; and concrete should be isolated from direct contact with the aluminum
by a heavy coat of alkali-resistant paint or by other approved means
Coated Metal
Coated metal roofing and siding should be in accordance with Naval Facilities Guide
Specification (NFGS)-07410, Metal Roof and Wall Panels.

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