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XO office
Secure Office
Ready Room
Keying will conform to the Base requirements including removable cores. Generally, all
squadron spaces will be keyed alike with change keys for individual doors. The building will
have grand master key system.
Windows and Glazing
Windows will be single pane glass set in metal wrap around frames. Glass will be wire or
tempered type as required by code based on the opening rating.
For openings in the wall between the Hangar and Maintenance Control, fire rated steel windows
will be provided. Glazing will be wire glass or fire rated type.
Administrative spaces Resilient tile or carpet as requested by the activity.
Locker rooms Ceramic tile
Toilets Ceramic tile
Showers Ceramic tile
CO, XO suite Carpet
Officers Ready Room Carpet
Corridors Resilient tile
Administrative spaces, corridors, and spaces with resilient flooring or carpet Resilient
Spaces with Ceramic tile walls and floors Ceramic
All walls will be painted except for prefinished materials.
Administrative Spaces, All Spaces on Second floor level Suspended Acoustical
Showers Suspended gypsum wallboard
Corridors Suspended acoustical panels
Equipment rooms, mechanical rooms Exposed construction, painted.

Western Governors University

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