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Refer to MIL-HDBK-1004/5, 400 Hertz Medium-Voltage Conversion/Distribution
and Low-Voltage Utilization Systems for 400 Hz power requirements and to criteria for OH
space power and grounding requirements for aircraft maintenance.
Recent developments in aircraft power requirements are leading to providing
individual power units for each aircraft power connection. Designer shall coordinate all
requirements with using activity and aircraft manufacturer and dedicate adequate wall space for
all equipment.
Emergency Power
Provide emergency power as required or dictated by mission. Typically emergency lighting shall
be provided with battery backup units. Hangar doors shall be configured such that they are
operable during power outages. Operation may be by either manual or electrical means. Designer
shall coordinate and provide for any emergency power requirements for hangar door operation
during power outages.
O1/O2 Level Spaces
Power outlets shall be provided for shop tools and at shop bench locations. Dedicated circuits
shall be provided to the extent possible for tools and equipment.
Grounded convenience outlets at 60 Hz, 120 V, 20 A, capacity should be provided throughout
the O1/O2 level administrative, personnel, and shop spaces and as required by NFPA 70. Provide
ground fault interrupt (GFI) receptacles in locations required by NFPA 70.
Shop spaces should be served by distinct panels dedicated to shop and equipment loads only.
Office spaces should not be tied directly to shop circuits or panels.
Harmonics in office spaces shall be considered and K-Rated transformers shall be used where
circuits warrant their use.
Interior Lighting
Interior lighting in the hangar (OH) space shall be an energy-efficient type, such as high-pressure
sodium vapor or metal halide. Metal halide should be used when specific tasks require good
color rendition. Designer shall provide connections for task lighting under shadow of aircraft.
Other interior lighting shall be fluorescent. Lighting intensities shall be designed in accordance
with MIL-HDBK-1190, IES Handbook and with customer needs. Minimize fixture and lamp
types to keep maintenance inventories to a minimum. Design shall take into consideration the
reflectance of wall and floor surfaces, especially in hangar (OH) spaces.

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