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The following lighting options should be considered: Multiple switching of fixture groups and or
lamps, occupancy sensors in restrooms, closets and other normally unoccupied areas, daylight
sensors and controls. Design to conserve energy, but provide a pleasant and comfortable work
Exterior Lighting
Exterior lighting should use high-pressure sodium lamps where practical and should be in
accordance with MIL-HDBK-1004/4, Electrical Utilization Systems. Provide a photoelectric
control switch for exterior lighting when all night lighting is required for safety or security
reasons. Photoelectric controls should be used in conjunction with programmable lighting
contactors where individual or groups of lighting can be turned off at specific times after dark.
The maintenance hangar shall be provided with flush mounted, floor static ground receptacles,
each with a 3/4-inch (19 mm) diameter ground rod, located at a minimum of 7.3 m (24 foot)
centers across the centerline of the OH space. Additional static ground receptacles shall be
located around dedicated aircraft parking areas to facilitate the use of grounding connections.
When aircraft are parked outside of the hangar, static ground receptacles shall be provided on
parking aprons. Resistance to ground shall not exceed 25 ohms maximum. Ground receptacles
shall be connected together with No. 4 AWG minimum bare copper below the hangar floor and
connected to the facility grounding system. See Figure 1 for typical static grounding details.
Lightning Protection
In Maintenance Hangars where weapons handling operations are expected, lightning protection
shall be provided in accordance with NAVSEA OP-5, Ammunition and Explosives Ashore
Safety Regulations for Handling, Storing, Production, Renovation and Shipping. NAVSEA OP-
5 applies only to weapons handling operations. All other hangars shall be provided with
lightning protection in accordance with NFPA 780, Installation of Lightning Protection Systems
and MIL HDBK 1004/6 Lightning Protection.
Organizational Communications
3M Communications (Maintenance and Material Management)
An independent stand alone, Type 1, Direct Connected Keyed, intercommunications system,
with use restricted to aircraft maintenance and material operations only, should be provided.
This system should provide two-way communications from line operations shacks outside the
hangar to and between all rooms in the O1 level space except passages, locker and toilet rooms,
and mechanical equipment room. The necessary raceway should be provided in new building
construction, with provisions in some instances for interconnection with other buildings.

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