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the contracting officer's representative who shall designate the
cans as condemned, irreparable, reparable, or serviceable.
(6) Disposition.  (Use government-furnished containers.) Containers
which have been inspected and classified as "condemned
irreparable" will be cleaned thoroughly and disposed of as
directed.  Cans designated as "serviceable" shall be put back
into service.  The contractor will deliver "reparable" cans to
an appropriate location for repair by the government. After cans
have been repaired they will be picked up by the contractor and
returned to service.
(7) Cleaning.  The contractor will thoroughly clean and wash all
containers and lids as specified in the following, or as often
as necessary to maintain sanitary conditions.  All containers
used in housing and barrack areas for storing small quantities
of putrescible wastes will be washed and sprayed at least once
per month.  Containers used to store dry wastes exclusively
shall be washed as often as necessary to maintain good sanitary
conditions as required by the inspector.
(8) Spraying.  Immediately after cleaning and washing each vehicle
or container and its lid, each will be sprayed inside and out
with an approved disinfectant solution.  The contractor will be
responsible for all activities incident to storage, exchange,
segregation, and washing and spraying of containers, lids, and
cans used in collecting wastes.
o.  Vehicles.  Only trucks specially designed for collecting waste and of
a type approved by the contracting officer will be used.  Collection vehicles
will be kept closed when moving or when not actually engaged in collecting
wastes.  Vehicles must be operated in accordance with base rules and
regulations while in the base area.  The cost of maintenance and repair of
contractor-owned and government-owned vehicles assigned or loaned to the
contractor will be borne by the contractor.  Vehicles to be furnished by the
contractor are as follows:
(1) Vehicles Required.  As a minimum requirement, the contractor
will have the following vehicles, or their equivalent as
approved by the contracting officer, available for service at
all times during this contract.
Type of Vehicle
(indicate vehicle types)
(list numbers)
(list capacities)
(2) Maintenance, Operation, and Repair of Vehicles.  The contractor
will maintain all vehicular equipment used under this contract
in good repair and in safe, clean, and well-painted condition.
The contractor's name will be painted or otherwise displayed
prominently on each contractor-owned vehicle.
p.  Sanitation Requirements.  All phases of waste collection and disposal
service will be conducted to comply with current applicable sanitary

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