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regulations, and will meet the approval of the base surgeon or his designated
(1) Contractor's Responsibility.  The contractor's responsibility
will include the following minimum requirements:
(a) Trucks, including the bodies, used for hauling waste will be
washed and sprayed not less than once each week, or more
often if necessary, to maintain a clean condition and neat
appearance, as directed.
(b) All metal containers will be cleaned not less than as
required and so directed.
(c) All contractor's equipment will be sprayed with approved
insecticides and/or disinfectants as required for insect
and/or sanitary control.
(d) Spillage at collection sites will be recovered before the
collecting vehicle moves from the site.
(e) Spillage en route will be recovered immediately.
(f) Disposal area assigned to or used by the contractor will be
maintained in a sanitary condition.
(g) The contractor shall police all collection sites within the
immediate areas of the containers at the time pickups of
wastes are made.  All paper, boxes, cans, bottles, rags,
garbage, or other waste within the immediate area will be
recovered and hauled away for disposal.
(2) Cleaning Methods.  Steam cleaning, spraying, and sanitation
methods will be used at the discretion of the contractor so long
as results are approved.
(a) If the contractor elects to steam clean containers at the
collection site, he will provide equipment such as a tight
truck, trailer bed, or approved metal-lined box on which the
cleaning can be accomplished.  This equipment will retain
all washings, residues, and detergents and will be dumped
and/or cleaned only at a disposal site.  No washing or
cleaning of containers or equipment will be permitted in
housing areas or when washings, residues, or detergent
solution may be deposited on natural ground, grassed, or
paved surfaces.
(b) Washing and cleaning containers at the disposal area will
require providing additional containers to replace those
being cleaned so that no unit or collection station will be
without a waste container for more than one hour.

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