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(c) All waste containers will be clean, dry, and free of any
quantity of detergent solution when replaced for use at a
collection site.
(d) Steam Rack.  At the end of each day's operation, the
contractor will leave the steam rack drains and can storage
area clean and free of debris.
(3) Equipment.  The contractor will provide, operate, and maintain
equipment in a sanitary condition and in a satisfactory and
efficient manner.  Mobile and steam cleaning equipment will be
kept in safe operating condition and in neat appearance at all
times.  A heavy duty, high-pressure, multiple-hose, detergent-
type steam cleaning unit of adequate size and capacity to
perform the required work will be provided for use in the work
covered by the contract.  (Optional -- revise according to local
conditions.)  The government will provide water by pipe
connection or delivery to the contractor's tank at the site of
the steam cleaner in the disposal area.
(4) Sanitation Supplies.  The contractor will provide movable bumper
blocks required for operations at the sanitary landfill, and
will be responsible for their use and maintenance.
(5) Covering Refuse.  Covering will be as directed by the
inspector, and will be accomplished by the contractor's
personnel and equipment at no additional cost to the
(6) Conditions in Disposal Area.
The contractor will be respon-
sible for exercising judgement necessary for safety in the
contractor's operations at the disposal area.
No liability
will be accepted by the government for conditions of ground
surface, unstable ground, location of trenches, or any other
condition which the contractor may encounter in performing his
(7) Wind Fence.  A portable wind fence approved by the contracting
officer will be installed and maintained by the contractor at
the contractor's expense.  The fence will be of sufficient
height to prevent the escape of wind-blown litter and of
sufficient length to extend the full length of the open fill.
The fence will be installed on the side of the fill in the
direction toward which prevailing winds blow.  The fence will be
relocated as necessary to afford full protection for the open
fill.  Upon erection and installation, title to the wind fence
will pass to the government.
r.  Salvage Operations.  The contractor will not salvage any material
unless designated salvageable materials by the contracting officer's
representative.  If the contractor or his employees discover materials which
they believe to have a salvage value, the contracting officer will be
notified immediately by the contractor and requested to determine the
disposition of the item(s).

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