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treated) indicated exceptionally high retention levels. Keeping in mind
also that many of these poles have been in service for over 25 years
during which time some preservative leaching has occurred. The excep-
tional performance being experienced can be primarily attributed to su-
perior original preservative treatment. In order to continue this
exceptional performance, preservative treatments found in these poles
should be duplicated when ordering new replacement poles. As dis-
cussed above in 7.3, this requirement can only be accomplished by
specifying in accordance with AWPA standard C-3 (PILES).
9.1 Introduction. U.S. Navy policy is to obtain independent
inspection for verification to avoid even the appearance of conflicts of
interests and appearances of such. Therefore, wood products purchased
by the Navy shall be inspected by the government or by an inspection
agency independent of the producer company. The Navy requires that
either (1) an independent inspection agency verify that the treated wood
products comply with the appropriate AWPA standards or (2) that the
treated wood products are stamped by a Quality Assurance agency
which verifies compliance with the appropriate AWPA standards.
9.2 Certificate if Compliance. This document, offered by the
treater, signifies that treatment standards have been complied with. This
document is not reliable and is the least desirable method of insuring
quality. Unless the activity has the capability of inspecting wood
products to verify quality, the certificate of conformance should never be
accepted in lieu of physical inspections or Quality Marks.
The contractor is responsible for the quality of treated wood products.
Each treated product must be branded by the producer in accordance
with AWPA M6. The Contractor must provide the Contracting
Officer's Representative (COR) with the inspection report of an inde-
pendent inspection agency, approved by the Contracting Officer, that
verifies that products comply with applicable AWPA Standards. The
American Wood Preservers Bureau (AWPB), Southern Pine Inspection
Bureau (SPIB) Quality, or the WQC Quality Mark of the Rural
Electrification Administration on each product will be accepted in lieu
of inspection reports as evidence of compliance with applicable AWPA
treatments Standards.

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