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NAVFACENGCOM  Organization.
The Naval Facilities
Engineering Command (NAVFAC) and its Engineering Field Division,
Chesapeake Division (CHESDIV), are responsible for the acquisition,
and maintenance of fixed shore based and fixed sea bottom man-rated
hyperbaric systems. NAVFAC and CHESDIV further provide guidance on
the  repair,  alteration,  maintenance  and  operations  of  these
hyperbaric systems. Additionally,  NAVFAC (Code 04B) is directly
responsible for certification of the hyperbaric facility. As such,
acquisition, maintenance, repair and alterations on these systems
fall under the same policies and procedures established for all
facilities.  Therefore,  to  operate  or  acquire
facilities,  it  is  necessary  to  understand  the
NAVFACENGCOM  organization  and  the  various  instructions  a n d
procedures governing acquisition, maintenance and operation.
NAVFACENGCOM is a systems command under the office of Naval
Operations (OPNAV) and is organized into regional Engineering Field
Divisions (EFD's). These EFD's provide technical and administrative
guidance as well as the review authority for operation, maintenance
and construction of shore facilities.  EFD's interface with the
various shore activities primarily via the host activity Public
Works Department (PWD) or Public Works Center (PWC) and provide
technical guidance to the shore facility line organization on all
matters regarding shore facilities. Figure l-l, Shore Command Line
Organizational Relationship to NAVFACENGCOM, represents a typical
shore  facility  line  organization  and  the  NAVFAC  organization
showing typical organizational ties. Specifically, many hyperbaric
facilities belong to commands which are tenants of another host
shore activity. As such, a formal host-tenant relationship exists
between the host and tenant activity defining the level of support
between the two activities. Acquisition, maintenance, repair and
alterations  to  the  hyperbaric  facilities  may  come  under  the
authority and responsibility of the host command PWC or PWD as
defined by various NAVFACENGCOM instructions. Personnel responsible
for  the  operation  of  shore  based  hyperbaric  facilities  should
familiar  with  t h e  l o c a l  Public
ensure  they  become
organization and determine the nature of the formal relationship
that exists between all hosts and tenants. The authority to perform
construction, alterations or repairs to these systems may or may
not rest with the facility commanding officer depending on the work
that is to be accomplished.
Activity  Maintenance  Organization.  To  operate
hyperbaric systems safely and to maintain system certification,
each  activity  responsible  for  the  operation  of  hyperbaric
facilities  must  maintain  and  provide  a  record  of  maintenance
actions  conducted on the  respective  facility.  As  such, each

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